Kannongaike cherry blossom Information(20190309)

It is a self-proclaimed Kannonigaike manager ( @ichikisakura ).

It is cherry blossom information of Kanonigaike citizen’s forest on March 9.
The cherry blossom ‘bud’ in front of the Kannon teahouse seems to be getting a bit bigger, so it takes a while for the flower to bloom for a while.
Let’s wait for a long time, everyone, waiting for a while, not rushing, waiting!

If you look at the Internet and see when it is expected to bloom, …
We found a site called “Sakura Cherry Blossom Information in Kagoshima”! ! !

参考 Kagoshima cherry blossom viewing information 2019weathernews

And why not? why? why? Kannongaike is not displayed. . . .
What does that mean! ! !

There is a nearby Nitta Shrine. . . . .
Kannongaike of 1000 cherry trees is not listed in Hanami information in Kagoshima Prefecture. . . . . . . It seems that information transmission is not enough!

By the way, the flowering forecast of Nitta Shrine in Satsumasendai City is March 26 (Tuesday). . . Perhaps at that time Kannongaike will also bloom.

Past flowering information

We will continue to work hard to send out the cherry blossom information of Kannongaike!

And when I moved my gaze from the cherry blossoms to the pond, the water had accumulated in Kannongaike.
As we did work by removing water from the pond for the revetment work at Kannongaike, many people are worried that the water at the pond will be accumulated at the cherry blossoms season …? People were coming out one after another, but it was very hard to find water! ! !
How old is the pond water?

Kanongaike under construction

The current Kanongaike


Now you can see the cherry blossoms that will move to the water, and you will be a frequent visitor to the public and photographers!

The pond is filled with water, and after that you can not miss your eyes from Kannongaike, which just has to wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom!

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