Kannongaike cherry blossom Information(20190317)

It is a self-proclaimed Kannongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

It is cherry blossom information of Kannongaike citizen’s forest of March 17. Yamazakura is in full bloom, and the petals are beginning to scatter little by little. At this time, you can confirm that there is a cherry blossom at this place. (If it is not this time, it may be difficult ..)

The rose of the main cherry blossom (Some Yoshino) seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
As warm days continue, it gets bigger and bigger. However, the wind is strong and strong recently. . . .
Depending on the location, it was said that the petals were being seen. (I could not take a picture because I did not know the place.)

In addition, for the 31st of March at the Kannonigaeki Sakura Festival, preparations are underway, such as lanterns for night lighting and color cones for parking bans.
I am worried if the cherry blossoms are in full bloom at the Cherry Blossom Festival, but I would like many people to visit it.

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