The name of the baby goat has been decided!

It is a self-proclaimed Kannongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

The name of a child goat was born in January this year between the father goat ‘Kan’ and the mother goat ‘Non’. . .
Having heard that, I went to see the goat family.

What is the name of the little goat? . . . . Before saying that. . .

It is introduction of a child goat.
The sweet goat baby goat is full of energy.
If you are in close proximity to people who are taking care of you, do the PR you want them to stand and play as shown in the photo.

It is so cute!
You can heal just by looking at this child’s figure.

It is the best to eat delicious “food”. It is too cute. . .

If you look closer, you have gentle eyes and cute eyes.
As expected, it is an idol of Kannonngaike. . . . .

Oh yeah, the name of this important child goat is called “Kanon”.
A family of three goats, a father “Kang”, a mother “Non”, and a child “Kanon” will greet you at the Kannonngaike.

Always in front of the Kannon tea shop, please come and see us!

“Kanon” also responds to photo shoots, so how about taking a photo of Kannongaike together?


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