It was the best Kannongaike Sakura Festival!

It is a self-proclaimed Kannongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

The 17th Kannongaike Sakura Festival was held!

Initially, I was worried about the flowering situation of the cherry blossoms, but the flowering progressed at a stretch with the warmth of Pocapoca the day before, and the wind was strong on the day, but the weather was good and many visitors came.

The parking lot is almost full to the ground of the temporary parking lot on the east side of Kannongaike. . .
Shuttle bus from temporary parking lot was out. However, this was also a traffic jam (only a little).
The caretaker walked from the temporary parking lot for health and aimed at the venue.

If you walk from the parking lot and aim at the venue, you will see the main stage.
Dance performances were shown on the stage, but people, people, people ….
I do not always think that it is a space where the parents and children with children are playing in a large space!

It looks like it’s past lunchtime, so the peak of visitors seems to have passed, but of course there are staged seats in front of the stage, also behind the stage.
No, it is a great success!
The shops on both sides of the picture were also very popular!

It is beautiful hula dance to be shown under the cherry blossoms.
Moreover, they are in perfect alignment. . . It becomes a picture .

Losing to the stage, Black goat parents and children are also very popular with children! We showed healing to children without showing fatigue of weeding work (meal) the day before.
There were also children who came to the venue with the aim of being only parents and parents of black goats! Black goat parent and child became mascot which is indispensable to Kannongaike!

Insta girls taking pictures of cherry blossoms everywhere in the park? Many people were taking photos with a smartphone!
It is not in full bloom, but may not have been a great photo taken? If you can, I would like to have a photo.
When I came to the festival as a boo-oh-oh, I forgot the macro lens! ! ! ! Sorry. Next time, I will take a photo of cherry blossoms up.

It’s a lot of trouble, so it’s a little up
The cherry blossoms at the venue were like this. It will be in full bloom in a little more.
Blue sky and cherry blossoms. . . It is good.


By the way, the time schedule of the stage event is here.
The program is almost continuous from 10:00 to 14:45.
I think it was difficult to adjust the schedule.

I bought a pancake sold by Ichiki-wakamonotai out of a number of stores. Local youth groups and the Chamber of Commerce open a store, and the sense of festivals in the area is unbelievably great.
By the way, I thought that it was pretty sweet ~ because the pancakes were sandwiching the sliced ​​strawberries and fresh cream, but it was delicious without being too sweet.

The day before Twitter

How was the sale of Sakura wharf that we informed everyone …


Na, how is it, there is a procession in the customer who buys Sakura wharf at the Sakura wharf shop.
Roughly, less than 20 people are lined up. Moreover, the matrix never disappears.
As it is, the janitor is the most recommended specialty in Ichikikushikino city!
※ By the way, even on days other than the Sakura Festival, you can buy the Sakura wharf at the Kannon Tea House, so please keep it in mind!

For visitors who surpassed expectations (you’re expecting it yourself, …), the booths are also sold out! ! !
I heard a happy scream!

I could not stay in the hall for a long time, but when I heard the story from the sponsored Ichiki Genkikai, it seems to be the best in history.
Oh yeah, this Kannongaike Sakura Festival is sponsored by the NPO corporation Ichiki Genkikai. It is not sponsored by Ichikikushikino City! ! ! !

At the venue and parking lot, many figures of Jichi Kikai who wore jambers and polo shirts with this logo were seen.
I think it takes a lot of energy to run a festival like this.
It is hard work for area from preparation to administration of the day, and tidying up.


Blessed with beautiful cherry blossoms and the weather, the 17th Kannongaike Sakura Festival was visited by many visitors.
On the other side of the festival, we must not forget that there are the hardships and activities of the “Genkikai” members who work hard to bolster the area.

It is the best Kannongaike Sakura Festival & Genkikai!

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