Kannogaike Sakura Festival will be held tomorrow! !

It is a self-proclaimed Kannongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

The Kannongaike Sakura Festival will be held on March 31st tomorrow!

It is the flowering situation of the cherry blossoms that everyone cares about, but I upload the situation of this morning.

State of cherry blossoms of city road next to Kannongaike citizen’s forest.
Be careful not to park or stop the road around Kannongaike except for the parking lot.

The cherry blossoms in front of the Kannon Tea House are in full bloom.
This cherry blossoms will meet you at tomorrow’s Sakura Festival!

At the side of the main stage, the black goats were eating grass to beautify the environment.
In order to make the best condition tomorrow, the black goats and their parents will do their best!

In front of the Kannon Tea Shop, there is a cherry wharf at the store. Tomorrow will be full of many customers.
By the way, there are three types of “Sakura An”, “White An” and “Black An”, all of which are sold for 110 yen.
How about next to Hanami?

I was looking forward to seeing photos while writing a blog. . . . .
As you can only buy at Kannongaike, come to Kannongaike tomorrow!

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