Kanongaike Zoo

It is a self-proclaimed Kanongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

On Saturday, I think it was sunny and there were many visitors to Kanongaike.

In Kanongaike, there are the black goats “Kan” and “Non”, and their children’s black goats, which are frequently introduced in this blog.

In front of the Kannon teahouse in Kanongaike, black goats and parents will greet you. The family who came to a meal at the Kannon tea house was lovely with “Kawaii”.

I came to a meal, but before I entered Kannon teahouse, I felt like I came to a zoo by touching with black goat parents and children. If you have a family that does not plan to go somewhere on a sunny day, why not come and visit Kanongaike Zoo?

And please be healed by the black goat parent and child. This expression is clearly said. I think even small children are fine because they do not run away even if they are so close.


My child is cute, isn’t it?
Please come and enjoy at the Kannongaike!

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