Kannongaike cherry blossom Information(190202)

It is a self-proclaimed Kannonigaike manager (@ichikisakura ).

In the blog of January 19th, we announced the cherry blossoming information of Kanonigaike, but only one cherry tree is blooming in front of the Kanon tea house.


The petals of the cherry blossoms are increasing steadily!
As it is cherry tree near the restroom in front of Kannon tea house, please be careful not to notice “Bow”, but please watch carefully.

There were a lot of “buds” too, so only one will be in full bloom after a while, right?

As I entered February, I think that the cherry blossoms that come a little early are when buds are coming out. Is flowering early this year? Is it late? I can not imagine, but we will send information on this blog and SNS (Twitter, facebook), so please look forward to it.

In addition, if you smash it on Twitter with “Kannonigaike” like this now, you may be able to introduce it if you add a hashtag of [# Kanonigaike] (the months are lower case letters). So thank you for your cooperation.

Let’s work together to build up Kannongaike!

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