Water has accumulated in Kannongaike!

It is a self-proclaimed Kanonigaike manager (@ichikisakura).

Because of the revetment work of Kannonigaike, the water of the pond which had been drained has accumulated little by little.
Road construction seems to be after the end of the cherry blossom season, but it seems that pedestrians can pass.

Kannongaike where water was collected

Is water collected as it was in the cherry blossom season? I think I was worried with many people, but it seems to be okay.
I could not take a picture, but there was a small amount of water, but I was advancing with swissy.

As turbidity of water is immediately after the construction, please try more. . .

How about coming to play to the slightly different Kannongaike until last year?


Kannongaike is a reservoir for agricultural use[/ say]

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