Route guidance to Kannongaike citizen’s forest

We introduce road guidance (Kagoshima city side) to Kannongaike citizen forest.

As there was a voice that road guidance to Kannongaike citizen’s forest was easy to understand, we will still give guidance in case of coming from Kagoshima city.

Get off the Ichiki intersection and turn left

Take the South Kyushu West Expressway, get off at Ichiki Inter and turn left at the intersection with National Route 3.

Guidance of Kannongaike is listed in the blue signboard of the front, but thinks that we do not see well, but turn left at the traffic light.

Turn right at Miyoshi Ramen intersection

Follow Route 3 and see Miyoshi Ramen on the left, so turn right at the Miyoshi Ramen intersection. On the right side of the national road there is a wooden guide.

Go straight to the intersection

After turning right on Route 3, it is a straight road to Kannongaike. On the way, there is an intersection with the city road, but please go straight without getting lost. Is Kannongaike still there? I think I will arrive when I was anxious.

As the flashing signal is red, don’t forget to stop it.

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