Enjoy the four seasons

Kannonkeike citizen’s forest is full of charm throughout the year!

Kannonagaike is famous for spring “cherry blossoms”, but it is a forest where you can enjoy a natural bath such as “hydrangea” in early summer, “autumn leaves” in fall, winter “snow scene”.
Also, people camping throughout the year are crowded at the campsite in front of the exchange center.

Please feel the charm of Kanonagaike once by all means.

Sakura in spring

“Sakura Festival” held every year at the end of March (confirmation of the timing) is crowded with many tourists.
“Sakura Manju” sold at “Sakura Festival” is a popular item in Ichikikushikino city. “Sakura Manjo” can be purchased at Kannon Chaya, located in the forest of Kannonagake citizen.


Hydrangea in early summer

The forest of Kannonagake citizen has a strong image of “cherry blossoms”, but hydrangea of ​​early summer is also wonderful.
Wandering around the pond, why do not you look at the hydrangeas in full bloom?


Autumn leaves

The forest of Kannonagake citizen has a strong image of cherry blossoms, but autumn leaves are also nice.
Why do not you enjoy the autumn leaves while walking on the carpet of ‘Momiji’ spreading all over the stairs?


Snowy landscape in winter

We also make a snow makeup once a year for the Kannonkei pond in Tropical Kagoshima.
Masonry and Higashiya reflected in the watercolor of the pond project a different appearance from usual.
If it snows, please visit the rare Kannonagakei citizen forest.