Kannonngaike is also the best at night

It is a self-proclaimed Kannongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

Speaking of Kannongaike cherry blossoms. Speaking of cherry blossoms, Kannongaike is crowded with many flower viewers by cherry blossoms in full bloom every day.

This year, I am in charge of the management of the self-proclaimed Kannongaike, but for the first time in my life, I went to see the cherry blossoms of Kannongaike at night.
This time, not only to see, but with the purpose of taking a spirit and taking a picture of a night cherry blossom that can be used for this homepage. . .

We arrived a little early and walked around the pond as usual.

Self-proclaimed custodian-recommended benches look good-looking men and women.
I have taken a panoramic view and photographed from behind.

Conversations under full bloom cherry blossoms will be fun.

It looks like this from a distance, so it’s romantic, as it’s a great deal.
If you have this romantic feeling, is it okay without cherry blossoms?

In the meantime, the sun has fallen, so I stand by at the place where the cherry blossoms shine most.
Be prepared for shooting and start shooting. . . .

“Hmm,” something strange is seen in the photo.

Oh, isn’t this a BBQ smoke? . . .
I was not expecting to do BBQ under the lighted cherry blossoms. . . .

However, there is only one day when the self-proclaimed custodian can shoot the cherry blossoms at night.
I could only hope that there would be less smoke.

As the sun went down, the smoke became more prominent, and there were flower viewing customers on the other side of the pond (where I was shooting).
Two people who take a picture with “Wow nice” next to me.
A self-proclaimed custodian who shoots two people shooting. Please forgive me because it is a back view. . .

By the way, is it best to see the night cherry blossoms from here?

Although there was a little unexpected, I was able to shoot the night cherry blossoms of Kannongaike safely.
Next year, I wish I could shoot a different night cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms are still at their best.
Please come and visit Kannongaike!

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