Kannongaike cherry blossom Information(20190325)

It is a self-proclaimed Kannongaike manager (@ichikisakura).

It is cherry blossom information of Kannongaike citizen’s forest of March 25. The cherry blossoms in front of Kannon Tea House are beginning to bloom little by little.
Depending on the tree, there is a tree where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

For the Sakura Festival held this weekend (31st), the cherry blossoms of Kannongaike are also preparing.
The weather this weekend is as worrying as the blossoming of the cherry blossoms, but it looks pretty good.
However, I am worried about the rain from Wednesday a little. (From yahoo weather)

However, the temperature may rise from Wednesday, so flowering may go on at a stretch.
We will continue to provide information on the cherry blossoms of Kannongaike.

Yesterday (Saturday 24th), Kannongaike Citizen’s Forest was full of cherry blossoms, but the weather was fine and families enjoying nature were busy!

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