Kannongaike Amusement Park

It is a self-proclaimed Kannonigaike manager (@ichikisakura).

It will be March soon. When the warm day continues, the cherry blossoms in Kannongaike will bloom quickly.

It’s a familiar Kannon tea, but when you look at it you will see a different view.

How is the playground equipment for children being completed before long! ! !

Goat family & playground equipment is roughly the same as Hirakawa Zoo Park in Kagoshima City (although the scale is different.).

From now on, there will be more options to play with the Goat Family and play with playground equipment, so it may be a fun place for children as well. Following the Kannongaike Zoo, it has become bustling with the Kannongaike Amusement Park!

It would be nice if the number of people who would like to take a walk at the Kannongaike, interact with the Goat Family, play with play equipment and get hungry, eat at the Kannon Tea House, and buy the Sakura Tei as a souvenir.



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